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New way to read the blog! 

We have a new way to read the blog! Each week I will post the link here along with a photo and it will take you to each new blog post.  New Year, New Blog!

We are open!

Our first week open has been fantastic; I still cannot believe the amount of support that we have received from our community.  Opening my own store front seemed like a daunting task and don’t get me wrong it has been trying at times, but now that the front doors are open I can tell you that it has all been worth it.

I want the store to be a space for everyone and I want the products we carry to fit our customer base. With that said, if you are looking for a specific product or a different colour in something etc. please let me know!  We are open to suggestions, adjustments, and modifications!

For the blogging end of things I would like to use this forum as a place to keep everybody up to date on store events, product reviews, and maybe even a knit along or two. Admittedly I am band new to having my own blog, even though I am addicted to reading more then a few.  I would like this space to be inspiring and creative for the readers and at the very least entertaining.

That is all for now, Happy Knitting.